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Fritzi: A Revolutionary Tale

BelgiŽ, Duitsland, Luxemburg, TsjechiŽ 2019, 90 min

Regie: Matthias Bruhn , Ralf Kukula
Stemmen: Martin Swabey (Additional voices), Hugh O'Conor (Klaus), Paul Tylack (Stasi Officer), Ryan Brodie (Additional voices), Jane Beever (Additional voices), Grainne Brwone (Moni), Zeno Carola (Additional voices), Lucy Carolan (Sophie), Oisin Conroy (Bela), Barry Cullen (Additional voices), Selyan d'Oreye Deln (Additional voices), Jan Debski (Additional voices), Jasmine Dugmore (Additional voices), Julian Hills (Additional voices), Allan Keating (Additional voices), Lee Kossman (Additional voices), Erik Lambert (Additional voices), Blaise Landsbert-Noon (Additional voices), Curtis Light (Additional voices), Nicola Lindsay (Liesegang), Clare Louise O'Mara (Travel Agent), Ali Lyons (Fritzi), Niamh Moroney (Additional voices), Aoibhin Murphy (Julia), James O'Donohue (Benni), Amy Potter (Kati), Sarah Poynton (Birgit), Muireann Ryan (Additional voices), Jonathan Sawdon (Additional voices), Sergej Sky (Additional voices), Cathy Smith (Additional voices), Elsa Tarlton (Additional voices), Bea van Bever (Additional voices), Alisha van Bever (Additional voices), Aliza Wardell (Hanno), Richard Wells (Additional voices), GaŽtan Wenders (Additional voices)


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