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The Willoughbys

The Willoughbys poster, copyright in handen van productiestudio en/of distributeur
Animatie, Familiefilm, Komedie
Canada, Groot-BrittanniŽ, Verenigde Staten 2020, 90 min

Regie: Cory Evans , Rob Lodermeier , Kris Pearn
Stemmen: Terry Crews (I) (Commander Melanoff), Will Forte (Tim), Ricky Gervais (The Cat), Maya Rudolph (Nanny), Martin Short (Father), Sean Cullen (Barnaby A & B), Jane Krakowski (Mother), Rondel Reynoldson (Additional Voices), Brian Drummond (Baby Ruth / Phil / Yokel), Kathleen Barr (The Perfect Mom), Alistair Abell (Additional Voices), Kiefer Bahrich (The Perfect Son), Caitlyn Bairstow (Additional Voices), Alessia Cara (Jane), Emily Delahunty (Additional Voices), Michael Dobson (Taxi Driver / Various Guides / The Perfect Dad / Hippie Dad), Paul Dobson (Additional Voices), Jordan Hemsley (Additional Voices), Islie Hirvonen (The Perfect Daughter), Cole Howard (Additional Voices), Eliza Norbury (Additional Voices), Kris Pearn (Spoons McGee), Bonnie Riley (Hippie Mom), Nancy Robertson (Irene Holmes), Cristina Rosato (Additional Voices), Laird Scabar (Additional Voices), Jason Simpson (Additional Voices), Fiona Toth (Travel Agent), Colleen Wheeler (Orphan Service Agent)


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23-04-2020 For Sama en The Rhythm Section voor Thuis
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